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Cementing Jobs

Cementing Jobs

Engineering and Technologies
The cementing operations department engages a team of professionals with varied project experience. A case by case approach is applied to tackling engineering problems encountered during well construction.

The advanced software package CEMPRO+ PEGASYS (by VERTEX, Inc.) allows simulation of the progress of downhole processes during a cementing job and the change of cementing stone properties over time while the well remains in operation. The company has vast experience of handling thermal impact, steam injection and Bazhenov wells.
Advanced well cementing systems meet the Customer's latest requirements. The cementing fleet includes machines with enhanced penetration capabilities. The company has a range of equipment modifications and configuration options to suit the Customer's requirements from such manufacturers as Halliburton, Jereh, Serva, and CAT.

The most advanced one-dual pump package is customized to our Company's design specification. There are also available several containerized machinery versions designed to be airlifted by helicopter.

We use cements and chemicals of Russian and foreign origin to perform well cementing jobs. Depending on the Customer's needs, use is made of various well cements and special grade cements (e.g. for permafrost rocks or steam injection wells). The choice of chemicals employed also depends on the specific task at hand and individual needs. The company utilizes its own product line of chemicals Petro and ready-made grouting products that have been developed specifically for the needs of the Russian mining operators.
Downhole Tooling
There is a separate downhole tooling support function within the well cementing department. This team has many years of experience in the industry and is continuously honing its skills and acquiring new techniques. The unit provides support services for downhole attachment tooling of overseas and domestic origin: liner hangers, packers, stage cementing collars, check valves, centralizers, and a catalog of other hardware.
The laboratory complex includes 3 regional and 2 standalone laboratory facilities, outfitted with advanced equipment from Fann, Chandler, OFITE, СTE, and Atri. This equipment package is targeted at conducting both industry-standard laboratory tests and advanced tests required for undertaking complex cementing jobs.

The laboratories are accredited to GOST and ISO standards. The laboratory personnel regularly undergo advanced training courses. Research and innovation activities pursued by the laboratory staff are focused on creating as much as possible a downhole-like environment at the laboratory.
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