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Drilling Fluids

Drilling Fluids

Engineering and Technologies
The Drilling Fluid Department employs over 300 qualified experts with experience in projects of varied complexity. High-quality service support is assured by well-coordinated efforts of field engineers, project coordinators, technical support personnel, chief project process engineers, requiring an individual approach to each well. The Department can leverage up-to-date software like Dipc ™, Marcs ™, and Bursoftproekt ™ to carry out a set of special calculations for efficient well operations support. The company's operational experience, advanced technologies and new proprietary innovations in the field of drilling fluids secure the required performance from drilling and compliance with all environmental regulations in the construction of wells of any complexity.
Drilling Fluids
in the Construction of Oil and Gas Wells
Laboratory recipe formulation for flushing fluids based on all the Customer's requirements;
Designing flushing programs, making hydraulic calculations, developing an contingency action plan, and selecting contaminants to efficiently drill into the target reservoir;
Formulation, supervision and disposal of drilling fluids during well construction, involving input from:
– a team of qualified field engineers
– an experienced coordinator in the region,
- the chief project process engineer,
– process support function;
Continuous effort to improve the quality of services;
Advising the Customer on the ways of saving well construction time and non-productive time;
Collaboration with the Customer’s Research and Design Institute to develop and implement new and more effective chemicals, materials and drilling fluid systems.
All on-site engineering teams are equipped with a complete range of advanced laboratory equipment to ensure that the parameters of drilling fluids are in line with applicable ISO and GOST requirements. Equipment is calibrated and verified at the National Center for Standardization and Metrology on an ongoing basis. The company owns new cleaning facilities for mechanical cuttings (a drilling cuttings drying mobile plant) downstream of the oil-based solution systems to meet customers' needs and updated environmental standards.
Drilling fluids are formulated using chemicals and materials available from leading Russian and overseas suppliers, and also proprietary components. The proprietary product line PETRO (water-based solutions) and EWO (oil-based solutions) is designed and produced to the company’s specifications. All chemicals applied by the company are compliant to applicable ISO and GOST quality standards.
The quality control of chemicals, the development of drilling fluid formulations, research work in the field of flushing fluids and contingency handling actions are undertaken by its own laboratory and some independent accredited laboratories in all regions where the company operates.
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Drilling cuttings drying equipment units downstream of the oil-based solution systems
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